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The Spirit
of High Tide


Make Time To Find Your Spirit...

"Listen to the breaking wave of water
Let life still your soul
Take a sip of Holy Island Gin at high tide
Journey to Tranquility and Calm
Make time to find your spirit"

Holy Island Gin, the heart and soul of Northumbria
Distilled and bottled on Holy Island, our gin is uniquely
crafted to deliver the essence of island life in a bottle.

Over A Year In The Making...

In 2016 we purchased our first traditional copper pot still 'Rose'. After experimenting with dozens of botanicals and distilling methods we finally created our Holy Island Gin, what we found was the perfect balance of sweet and floral without losing the distinctive presence of Juniper. Fresh as the Northumberland coast which laps our idyllic island only a stones throw away from our distillery.

With eleven carefully selected botanicals including: Juniper, Nutmeg, Elderberries, Sweet Orange Peel and Rose Petal. We continue to distill each small batch of gin on our still 'Mona' who produces around 90 bottles per batch. Using the most traditional and quality methods along with vapour infusion to create a fine and delicately flavoured gin.


Holy Island of

The roots of our gin are buried within Lindisfarne. From its earliest days of experimentation and design to it being distilled, bottled and handcrafted on undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

The small island has beautiful landscapes and rich history which stretches back into the 6th century AD. It is no wonder that thousands of tourists travel from far and wide every year to see its wonders.

Also known for the Holy Island Causeway, Lindisfarne Priory and Castle, Holy Island Harbour,the Lindisfarne Gospels and Saints including Oswald, Aidan and Cuthbert

Distilled in a place
like no other...


Our Distiller...

Andy Cowan, after having a long relationship with Holy Island finally traded the hectic city life for the beauty and tranquility of the island lifestyle back in 2013. He immediately fell in love and has never looked back.

He's always been passionate about the rich, romantic history of gin, its origins, how it has changed over the years and the stories it has created along the way. He had a dream to create his very own, Holy Island Gin.

He has now found his happy place in our micro-distillery making gin and creating fresh new ideas for the Holy Island Gin range...